Keep your possessions and staff safe with a closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system or a digital or remote recording system.

Many types of products are available on the market. Whether you are looking for a basic closed-circuit system or a network of smart cameras with recorders accessible through secure internet access, Technisécur has the perfect solution for you. We offer wired and wireless weather-resistant indoor and outdoor cameras, with infrared vision for use at night. With new storage technologies and high-definition imaging, you always get the full picture. You can not only keep an eye on your employees and property, but you can also record images and sounds which can help you identify criminals after an incident. Analogue, digital or IP cameras … we have everything you need!

It is very important to understand the regulations that govern electronic (audio and video) surveillance.

De l’alarme de porte simple au système le plus élaboré, Groupe Sécurité Alarma peut vous conseiller sur les produits ou le système le mieux adapté pour vous. Informez-vous sur nos divers produits disponibles par téléphone ou par courriel ou remplissez notre formulaire d’analyse gratuite de vos besoins et nous vous recontacterons dans les plus brefs délais.

There are many types of surveillance systems available, including:

Traditional cameras

Traditional cameras can be fixed, mobile or remote-controlled. They can be used with monitors as part of a closed-circuit network and can be connected to a digital recording system. Cameras can record only images or both images and sounds.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are similar to traditional cameras, but they are incredibly easy to install. They can record only images or both images and sounds.

Smart surveillance cameras

Smart cameras can detect movement, record video and audio data on a digital recorder or a computer and send alert notifications if they detect movement. They also let you view your property remotely through a secure internet connection or your mobile phone’s network (This service is generally free and included with the camera purchase).

CCTV television

Closed-circuit television networks give one or more people the ability to keep an eye on as many zones as they want at once, on one or more television monitors. They can also record images that can later serve as proof if necessary. A network can include one or more cameras and monitor both indoor and outdoor areas at the same time.

Digital recorders

Digital recorders let you record hours, days, and even months’ worth of video surveillance footage that can later serve as proof if necessary.

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