Nowadays, more and more people live on their own or with health problems that require immediate attention. People in these conditions should get a personal alarm system to prepare for potential emergencies. Panic buttons, available in a variety of styles, including keychains and pieces of jewellery, often go unnoticed, but can be lifebuoys for people in distress who do not have anyone in close reach. Transmitters are shock- and weather-resistant, and the wearer simply has to push the panic button to alert the monitoring centre or transmit an emergency message to a specific person.

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There are many kinds of personal security systems. Here is one of them:

Panic Button—Emergency

Panic buttons can be used for personal security in or outside the home. They can also be used in case of danger, an intrusion, an aggression, a health scare or if you witness an emergency. Once activated, the button dials a phone number and transmits an emergency message or alarm to the monitoring centre, who then takes appropriate measure for the circumstances (validating the alarm, alerting the police and/or emergency medical services, as needed). You can affix panic buttons on walls or objects or carry a mobile version with you. They can look like a keychain or a piece of jewellery, such as a bracelet, necklace or brooch. Mobile panic buttons can be connected to a fixed base at home, with limited reach, or to a monitoring centre.

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