Fire is a constant threat to your family’s well-being, possessions, home, building or business. Groupe Sécurité Alarma’s fire protection products can alert occupants and emergency services rapidly. When detectors are connected to a monitoring centre, the centre’s staff will contact fire and emergency services quickly to get them on site as quickly as possible to give you protection even when you are not on site.

Fires can quickly cause severe damage to a property. It is, therefore, critical for your peace of mind that your home, business or any other building you own is equipped with appropriate, state-of-the-art fire detection and alarm systems.

Combining smoke and heat detectors gives you optimal coverage and significantly decreases the risk of a fire.


Odourless and/or colourless gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO), natural gas and propane, are often noticed too late. Some gases have adverse health effects, and others are flammable. It is therefore important that leaks and fumes be detected as early as possible. Gas detectors (carbon monoxide, natural gas, propane, etc.) connected to our alarm centre quickly notify you of rising gas levels in your home, business or any other building, including trailers and mobile homes.

Groupe Sécurité Alarma can advise you on the best products and systems for your needs, whether you need a simple alarm door or the most elaborate security system. Contact us by phone or email or fill out our free estimate form online to get more information on our various products. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

There are many fire and invisible danger alarm systems available, including:

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors positioned in strategic locations ensure that building occupants can leave the building safely and rapidly using a safe emergency exit route. They are your first line of defence against fires since smoke is often detected before sensors can detect a significant heat increase.

Heat detectors

Heat detectors will quickly alert you of a risk of fire. Positioned in strategic locations, they ensure that building occupants can leave the building safely and rapidly using a safe emergency exit.

Carbon monoxide (CO), natural gas and propane detectors

Gas detectors protect from you the dangers of harmful, flammable and explosive gases.

Alarm pull stations

Positioned in strategic locations, pull stations let someone trigger an alarm before the detectors even notice it. Pull stations are covered to ensure that they are only triggered in case of a real emergency, and you can easily see whether a station has been pulled and needs to be reset.

Audible and visual alarm systems

Sirens, lamps, strobes and sounders produce audible and visual alarm signals that make intruders flee and alert you and/or the neighbourhood of fire or gas leak. They are usually used in conjunction with a detector or control panels and can installed indoors or outdoors.

Central alarm system (fire and invisible dangers)

Several types of detectors can be connected to a main control panel linked to a monitoring centre or an anti-theft and intrusion alarm system, making it the perfect solution for multi-dwelling units, businesses and plants.

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