Whether you need an intercom, video intercom or electric latch system, Groupe Sécurité Alarma is there to take care of all of your communication needs for residences, apartment buildings, offices, businesses or industrial facilities.

Communicate from one location to the other or control entry points with a voice and video system. Closed-circuit phone systems, not connected to external lines, play the role of an intercom for all of your internal communication needs. Communication systems let you broadcast background music throughout your network, if desired, and can also be integrated in your audio/video surveillance systems.

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There are many types of communication and video intercom systems, including:


Intercoms are used for communication in closed-circuits in many buildings or from one building to another. In apartment buildings, intercoms have replaced the traditional bells which did not let you identify the person requesting access. Intercoms usually connect the lobby, always locked, to the desired apartment. They are also used in many industrial buildings and offices for internal communication and free up phone lines for inbound calls. They usually look like panels with buttons and a speaker or a touch-tone phone, and they allow for two-way communication. Some intercoms even let you broadcast background music or messages. They are often paired with an electric latch system to let authorized people into the building.

Video intercoms

Video intercom systems are identical to traditional intercoms, but they let you see the person to whom you are speaking. The image can be seen only by the person answering the call or by both sides.

Electric latch systems

Electric latch systems are always used in conjunction with a communication or access control system. Latches can be remotely triggered by a button or through the activation of an access control point by an authorized person and do not require a third party to be on site or the use of a key or push bar.

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