Anti-theft and intrusion protection increases the security of your home or any other building, whether you are present or not, and decreases your risks of a burglary.

Groupe Sécurité Alarma takes care of all of your anti-theft and intrusion protection needs. Our products and systems scare off burglars or alert owners, emergency services or a monitoring centre when the security perimeter is breached so intruders can be captured.

Groupe Sécurité Alarma can advise you on the best products and systems for your needs, whether you need a simple alarm door or the most elaborate security system. Contact us by phone or email or fill out our free estimate form online to get more information on our various products. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

There are many types of anti-theft and intrusion alarm systems, including:

Shock and glass break detectors

Detectors send an alert if someone tries or successfully manages to break a window with a sensor. They are usually used in conjunction with a control panel, although some can work on their own.

Magnetic contact switches

Magnetic contact switches installed on windows and doors will trigger an alarm if they are tripped. They are usually used in conjunction with a control panel, although some can work on their own.

Movement detectors

Movement detectors capture the comings and goings in the zone they monitor (a room, hallway, staircase, courtyard, etc.). They can be calibrated to not pick up the movements of small animals (dogs, cats, birds). They are usually used in conjunction with a control panel, although some can work on their own. Some movement detectors, using a special set of lenses, are specifically designed to pick up animal movements. These detectors can protect your home even if your family pet is running around or be set up to ignore small animals outside.

Panic Button—Emergency

Panic buttons can be used for personal security in or outside the home, including in the bedroom, bathroom, basement, garage or any other high-risk area. They can also be used in case of danger, an intrusion, an aggression, a health scare or if you witness an emergency.
Once activated, the button dials a phone number and transmits an emergency message or alarm to the monitoring centre, who then takes appropriate measure for the circumstances (validating the alarm, alerting the police and/or emergency medical services, as needed). You can affix panic buttons on a wall, an object, a mobile. They can also take the shape of a keychain or a piece of jewellery, such as a bracelet, a necklace, a brooch, etc. Mobile panic buttons can be connected to a fixed based located at home, with a limited reach, or to a monitoring centre.

Emergency (hold-up) alarm buttons

Primarily used in banks, stores and similar settings to prevent thefts and aggressions in case of an intrusion. Buttons are hidden in strategic locations and can be activated with the push of a finger, hand or foot. When triggered, they send an alert to the monitoring centre, who then takes the appropriate measures for the situation (validating the alarm, alerting police and/or emergency medical services, as required).

Audible and visual alarm systems

Sirens, lamps, strobes and sounders produce audible and visual alarm signals that make intruders flee and alert you and/or the neighbourhood of an intrusion attempt. They are usually used in conjunction with a control panel, although some can work on their own with movement detectors (most often used outdoors to deter lurkers).

Basic or custom alarm systems

Alarm systems combine one or more of the products listed above with a control panel to manage the network. They can also be connected to a monitoring centre if desired. An alarm system will monitor a certain area, whether it be one room, a home, or an entire industrial complex. Alarm systems can also include fire alarms and panic buttons.

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