Whether you want to protect your business, home or any other facility (such as a warehouse or parking lot) from intrusions or restrict traffic to certain areas, electronic access control is the right tool for you! You will be able to track the movements of every authorized person at all times. You can give access rights to specific areas or the entire complex, as needed.

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There are many kinds of access control systems available, including:

Digital keyboards

The starting point of all access control technologies. Only those people with the access code can be granted access. When connected to a control centre or computer, access codes can be changed remotely at any moment. (This method is used less frequently.)

Magnetic keys or cards

Just like a credit card, the magnetic card is swiped in the slot so the system can read it. (This method is used less frequently.)

Proximity keys or cards

Proximity cards work just like a magnetic card, but without the need to touch the reader. They only need to be near it. This type of card can be particularly useful for people with mobility challenges, especially when used in conjunction with automatic door openers.

Smart keys or cards

Smart cards can manage various access rights on one single card. For example, a Smart card holder can be granted access to certain areas and refused access to certain others. This type of card is perfect for managing multiple access levels at once.

Biometric readers

Biometrics authenticates users by scanning their physiological characteristics. Access to your company’s secure areas is only permitted to authenticated individuals. Some of the most widely used biometrics include fingerprints, voice detection and optical retina scanners.

Electric latches

Electric latch systems are always used in conjunction with a communication or access control system. Latches can be remotely triggered by a button or through the activation of an access control point by an authorized person and do not require a third party to be on site or the use of a key or push bar.

Access control centre

With a programmable system or software, the access control centre can easily and efficiently manage all of the cards, keys or biometrics access rights connected to your access control system. The person in charge of managing access rights can use the programmable system or software to:

  • Assign and withdraw access rights
  • Control which access points an authorized person can take
  • Assign a route for every authorized person
  • Produce various incident reports and lists of all the visitors and their movements
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