Security is paramount for any business or industrial facility. Whether you need to monitor or protect offices, production facilities, warehouses, storage yards, construction sites or any other building, we can quickly install a commercial-grade alarm system.

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Groupe Sécurité Alarma analyzes your specific needs and offers you custom protection solutions, including anti-theft security systems and video surveillance, access control and fire protection systems.

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Anti-Theft and Intrusion Alarm System

Your business’s anti-theft alarm system can be connected to our monitoring centre. Your assets and employees will be protected against intrusion and theft. Should your security perimeter be breached, an alarm is triggered and emergency services are notified.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance increases the security of your company and staff. A video surveillance system records images that can later be reviewed. Strategically placing these cameras helps you capture images that can be analyzed and, if necessary, submitted as proof to authorities.

The TCP/IP feature that comes with certain video surveillance systems makes it possible to view the recorded images remotely and in real-time via the internet. With digital video technology, your security system can be connected to your video surveillance system, and will archive the videos taken when an alarm is tripped. If connected to a central monitoring station, the videos are sent to the station, where the operators can assess the situation and act as needed.

Access Control

Access control is an increasingly popular security element in all sizes of companies. The ability to limit access to pre-authorized individuals to gyms or other membership-based businesses or to certain departments in a company is very attractive, and can be quite affordable. Do you want to limit access to your research and development department and your accounting department for confidentiality? Access control is the right tool for you! All the company’s employees can have their own access card with pre-set limits. Regardless of how many doors you want to control, the system is programmed to accept or refuse access at each door to each cardholder based on the person’s access privileges.

Fire Alarm System

Fires can affect anyone, including businesses. No one is safe. Often times, in addition to financial and material losses, lives are lost because fire protection systems are not up to par with today’s standards. Your fire alarm system should be inspected once a year. Connection to a monitoring centre gives you the peace of mind to know that, should something happen, emergency services will be notified as early as possible.

Comprehensive Security Systems

You can install all of the systems described above in a single company or facility and they can all be connected to the monitoring centre, providing you with maximum protection and the fastest possible emergency response time.

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